Fully Automatic Boilie Cooker

Manufactured from stainless steel, the 120L (approx) water bath will be electrically heated using a number of heating elements to the required temperature of between 85 ºC. - 99ºC

The water will be heated using an array of specially designed tubular rod heating elements. And temperature will be measured across using separate PT100 Thermocouples and be independently controlled from separate temperature controllers situated on the main panel.

A variable cook time from 1 - 5 minutes will ensure that all boilies are cooked correctly in order to maintain product consistency.

With an overall length of 3m and boiling compartment of 2.8m, the continuous belt will run at between 16-20mm per second or 1meter per minute (based on a 2min cook time). Capacity for upto 300Kg per hour or 8.3Kg per Minute.


Fully Automatic and Continuous.

When the boilies are cooked they will simply 'drop off' the end of the conveyor into a suitable container (not supplied) or onto the optional cooling conveyor.

The cooker will comprise of a stainless steel wire belt and fitted with flights or 'goal posts' to ensure that in the latter stages of cooking when the boilies are buoyant, they are still removed from the cooker.


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Stainless Steel construction

The continuous belt: Will be suited to a constant feed of product from the shaper.

A steel wall mounted panel contain the controls for the Boilie Cooker.

The cooker will also be supplied with a hood / guard, to prevent splashing. Which can be removed to enable the cleaning and removal of debris.


The bath compartment will be fitted with a drain plug to allow the easy emptying of the water / solution and fitted with a low level warning indication would could be connected to a water supply for self levelling.

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Boilie Cooker with Continuous Belt - 500kg Per hour Capacity

Stainless Steel Construction -
Continuous Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Belt (with flights)
Inverter Controlled Motor
Variable cook time 1 -5 mins
Automatically maintain temperature 85ºC - 99ºC
Low level detection and indication.
Automatic Water Top Up

Total Cost of Boilie Cooker









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Boilie cooker for carp Bait

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